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New England

by Avant C

We just got back from New England, where we weathered several days of wind and rain, but it didn’t hinder us from recognizing and appreciating its beauty. Lobster, lighthouses, golden foliage, the ocean, and sailing were just some of New England’s treasures. Some of the highlights were Shelburne Farms in Vermont, the WaterFire festival in Providence, and the Breakers in Newport. We love New England and will definitely be back to explore more.



IMG_3967 (1)


All-American Beauty

by Avant C

17 img-lauren-hutton_182302204165 Lauren-Hutton or_87012ddf124784572418233

When we think of the All-American beauty, Lauren Hutton will surely come to mind. Her athleticism mixed with the simplicity of her effortless, adventurous spirit, really speak volumes to her sexy tomboy style. The signature gap between her teeth lends to her individuality and ownership of her unique beauty. The All-American aesthetic can be cookie cutter, but Lauren’s beauty is far from traditional.

Just a Minor Detail

by Avant C

IMG_3329It was one of those spur of the moment days when Jerianne and I got into our car and drove without a destination in mind. As we drove along Pacific Coast Highway 1/Hwy 92, a row of nurseries caught our eye. One of them was Highway 92 Succulents, which you guessed it, sells a variety of succulents. We couldn’t leave without buying a Graptoveria, which I will later replant into a bigger pot. Right next door is the interesting Worlds Rare Plants Store, which sells carnivorous plants. After we left the nursery, we continued to drive aimlessly through the redwoods and enjoyed the fresh sight and smell of nature. The few hours of freedom of not having to worry about work or the chaos of life was well worth it. We hope you discover a bit of freedom, no matter how profound or trivial, as you explore and experience the details of life’s capacity to inspire.IMG_3330IMG_3331The Graptoveria sitting alone, waiting to be replanted.

Summertime Jams 2015

by The Perpetualist

We hope your summer has been filled with fun, sun, and relaxation. Even if you weren’t able to get away this summer, we wanted to share our playlist to help you get through your day.

Beach House- “Myth” – Bloom

In The Valley Below- “Peaches” – The Belt

Geographer -“Lover’s Game” – Myth

Cloud Control- “My Fear #2” -Bliss Release

Tanlines- “Green Grass” -Mixed Emotions

Washed Out- “Great Escape” -Paracosm

Frank Ocean – “Super Rich Kids” – channel ORANGE

Dan Deacon- “Prettyboy” – America

Summertime Influences

by Avant C



The season for summer dresses is upon us, and what influences the ubiquitous white cotton lace designs hail from the oftly referenced 1975 Australian  film Picnic at Hanging Rock, set in 1900. The way the costumes hang insouciantly from the actresses bodies are perfect for lounging around or a lazy stroll along the promenade.

But a lady who wore her lace gowns and pearls with elegance, grace, and charm was the American heiress who married a Brit, Lady Jean Templeton Ward (nee Reid). Daughter of the American ambassador to Great Britain, she married Hon. John Hubert Ward, who was one of King Edward’s favorite pupil.

But whether you decide to wear vintage or otherwise, don’t forget to pair it with the perfect accessory, a straw hat or maybe even some pearls.

Palm Springs

by Avant C




I can’t believe how time flies. It’s already the middle of the year, and we have been working non-stop and needed to take a break. We decided to head down South to Palm Springs, where we experienced the amazing art by Leonard Knight, known as Salvation Mountain. We were not only visually bombarded with all these shapes and colors, but we were also able to touch and even climb to the top of this art installation of love.

When in Palm Springs, it’s inevitable not to head over to Joshua Tree. I was expecting a few desert foliage and rocks, but the formation of the boulders and the character of the Joshua tree really blew my mind. Nature’s art never ceases to amaze me, but it also made us hungry, so we headed over to Elmer’s for some German pancakes, yum! Then the desert heat inspired us to head over to Koffi, where we indulged ourselves with some frozen lattes and mochas. We had to walk that off in downtown, where we enjoyed the crowd and did some window shopping.

The next morning, we made our way up in the Aerial Tramway. The ride up was a bit nerve wracking, for me anyway, but I soon forgot all about that and the fact that I would have to do it all over again back down, when I saw the breathtaking view. The dual view of the stillness of the valley below and the mountainous range above was unforgettable.

This trip would not have been complete without the outdoor dining underneath the stars at Birba, where pizza with homemade sausage, mushroom, and onion by the fire pit did not disappoint.

And now, on to more food; that is brunch at Cheeky’s, where the wait was long but their bacon bar was worth the wait. Yes, bacon bar, where they serve five different flavors of bacon to you on one plate.

This getaway was well worth it, both mentally and physically, so whether you are doing a culinary tour, an adventurous trek through the rain forest, or just some R&R on the beach, remember to soak in your surroundings and enjoy the moment because we do live in a beautiful world.

@Large: Ai WeiWei

by Avant C

Dragon Kites Lego Porcelain

We are fans of artist Ai WeiWei, so we were excited to see his exhibition on Alcatraz. The weather that day was sunny, bright, and warm which was a contrast to the island that was famously a prison. There are seven works thoughtfully exhibited throughout different areas of the penitentiary, ranging from sculpture, sound, and mixed media, including legos. He is a “rebel” in China for his views and was even imprisoned for them, so it was only fitting that the exhibition explores human rights and freedom of expression. He is forbidden to travel outside of China, so he has never seat foot onto Alcatraz, which makes his message all the more poignant that freedom of expression can’t be imprisoned.

Waiting For Springtime To Come

by Avant C

The National – “Apartment Story” – Boxer

Mew – “Beach” – No More Stories…

Mojave 3 – “Picture” – Ask Me Tomorrow

Ed Sheeran -” Thinking Out Loud” – X

Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula” – Muchacho

Caribou – “Lord Leopard” – The Milk of Human Kindness

Slowdive – “Machine Gun” – Souvlaki

Great Northern – “Snakes” – Remind Me Where the Light Is

These songs were on our rotation during the winter months. Some of them are newer songs, but a handful of them are rediscoveries from our high school days (gulp). It has been a blissful nostalgic dreamscape. We are looking forward to a rebirth of a new chapter in our lives. Wishing you the same. Enjoy!

Style Icon- Charlotte Rampling

by Avant C





Charlotte Rampling has been on countless “Best Dressed” and “Style Icon” lists that she is a VIP. I, myself, am not immune to what is so obvious. Her smoky eyes, sensual mystic, mysterious aura, and how a suit, tuxedo or otherwise, is made just for her. Her timeless style and beauty defies age, and that face still mystifies, but it just has more stories to tell.



by Avant C



We just got back from beautiful Oahu, Hawaii. We loved swimming, snorkeling, and surfing the crystal clear warm waters of the ocean, exploring and sampling macadamia nuts on one of the numerous farms, including Tropical Farms. Hiking up Diamond Head, with the reward of one of the most breathtaking views to behold, and trying Hawaiian classics like the malasadas at Leonard’s Bakery, the BBQ steak plate at Rainbow Drive-In, and shave ice at Matsumoto Shave Ice.  The majestic land of Hawaii has so much to offer, from the contrast of the ocean front to the grand mountainous foliage, it is truly paradise on earth.