Waiting For Springtime To Come

by Avant C

The National – “Apartment Story” – Boxer

Mew – “Beach” – No More Stories…

Mojave 3 – “Picture” – Ask Me Tomorrow

Ed Sheeran -” Thinking Out Loud” – X

Phosphorescent – “Song For Zula” – Muchacho

Caribou – “Lord Leopard” – The Milk of Human Kindness

Slowdive – “Machine Gun” – Souvlaki

Great Northern – “Snakes” – Remind Me Where the Light Is

These songs were on our rotation during the winter months. Some of them are newer songs, but a handful of them are rediscoveries from our high school days (gulp). It has been a blissful nostalgic dreamscape. We are looking forward to a rebirth of a new chapter in our lives. Wishing you the same. Enjoy!