Summertime Influences

by Avant C



The season for summer dresses is upon us, and what influences the ubiquitous white cotton lace designs hail from the oftly referenced 1975 Australian  film Picnic at Hanging Rock, set in 1900. The way the costumes hang insouciantly from the actresses bodies are perfect for lounging around or a lazy stroll along the promenade.

But a lady who wore her lace gowns and pearls with elegance, grace, and charm was the American heiress who married a Brit, Lady Jean Templeton Ward (nee Reid). Daughter of the American ambassador to Great Britain, she married Hon. John Hubert Ward, who was one of King Edward’s favorite pupil.

But whether you decide to wear vintage or otherwise, don’t forget to pair it with the perfect accessory, a straw hat or maybe even some pearls.