Just a Minor Detail

by Avant C

IMG_3329It was one of those spur of the moment days when Jerianne and I got into our car and drove without a destination in mind. As we drove along Pacific Coast Highway 1/Hwy 92, a row of nurseries caught our eye. One of them was Highway 92 Succulents, which you guessed it, sells a variety of succulents. We couldn’t leave without buying a Graptoveria, which I will later replant into a bigger pot. Right next door is the interesting Worlds Rare Plants Store, which sells carnivorous plants. After we left the nursery, we continued to drive aimlessly through the redwoods and enjoyed the fresh sight and smell of nature. The few hours of freedom of not having to worry about work or the chaos of life was well worth it. We hope you discover a bit of freedom, no matter how profound or trivial, as you explore and experience the details of life’s capacity to inspire.IMG_3330IMG_3331The Graptoveria sitting alone, waiting to be replanted.