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All-American Beauty

by Avant C

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When we think of the All-American beauty, Lauren Hutton will surely come to mind. Her athleticism mixed with the simplicity of her effortless, adventurous spirit, really speak volumes to her sexy tomboy style. The signature gap between her teeth lends to her individuality and ownership of her unique beauty. The All-American aesthetic can be cookie cutter, but Lauren’s beauty is far from traditional.


Summertime Jams 2015

by The Perpetualist

We hope your summer has been filled with fun, sun, and relaxation. Even if you weren’t able to get away this summer, we wanted to share our playlist to help you get through your day.

Beach House- “Myth” – Bloom

In The Valley Below- “Peaches” – The Belt

Geographer -“Lover’s Game” – Myth

Cloud Control- “My Fear #2” -Bliss Release

Tanlines- “Green Grass” -Mixed Emotions

Washed Out- “Great Escape” -Paracosm

Frank Ocean – “Super Rich Kids” – channel ORANGE

Dan Deacon- “Prettyboy” – America

Summertime Influences

by Avant C



The season for summer dresses is upon us, and what influences the ubiquitous white cotton lace designs hail from the oftly referenced 1975 Australian  film Picnic at Hanging Rock, set in 1900. The way the costumes hang insouciantly from the actresses bodies are perfect for lounging around or a lazy stroll along the promenade.

But a lady who wore her lace gowns and pearls with elegance, grace, and charm was the American heiress who married a Brit, Lady Jean Templeton Ward (nee Reid). Daughter of the American ambassador to Great Britain, she married Hon. John Hubert Ward, who was one of King Edward’s favorite pupil.

But whether you decide to wear vintage or otherwise, don’t forget to pair it with the perfect accessory, a straw hat or maybe even some pearls.

Style Icon- Charlotte Rampling

by Avant C





Charlotte Rampling has been on countless “Best Dressed” and “Style Icon” lists that she is a VIP. I, myself, am not immune to what is so obvious. Her smoky eyes, sensual mystic, mysterious aura, and how a suit, tuxedo or otherwise, is made just for her. Her timeless style and beauty defies age, and that face still mystifies, but it just has more stories to tell.


Style Icon- Renee Perle

by Avant C

Photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue captured the dark mysterious allure of his muse, Romanian model Renee Perle. Even though these photographs  were taken in the 1930s, they still look modern and fresh and displays her cool, insouciant chic. She waves her magic on the viewer with her sultry eyes and perfect cupid’s pout. You can’t help but look.

Paper Mache Table

by Avant C


This guy is very special to me because I put blood, sweat, and tears into making it for our living room. After years of playing host to many a bouquet of flowers and potted plants that have happily sat on top of it, it needs a fresh coat of paint. Our friend is made out of cardboard box, paper mache, and plaster. If you would like to give it a try and create  your own, check out Good Luck!

Style Icon-Anna Karina

by Avant C

I’m not the first to have been influenced by Anna Karina’s style. Her coquettish gaze  makes her occasional school girl style seductive. And the girl knows how to wear un chapeau.

Imitation of Life

by Avant C

Banson Portrait

This Christmas, I wanted to give gifts that were  more personal, so I decided to draw portraits of my family. I decided to use colored pencils, and my guide were photos of each family member through different periods. I felt like a stalker at one point, with their photos plastered all over my computer screen, but I am quite happy with the end results. Aren’t they a beautiful bunch?

Happy New Year!

by Avant C


I’m not big on making New Year’s resolutions, but the New Year just naturally makes me feel adventurous and curious for the upcoming year. It’s a restart button and anything is possible. Learning from the past but always moving forward. Strong mind, peaceful heart, and light in spirit. Live Free!

Stag Antlers

by Avant C


I am pretty much obsessed with stag antlers. They are so handsome and also add a certain mysterious charm. We filled two spaces in our home with these attractive pair.

So during our trip to Filoli’s annual Holiday Shopping Boutique, I couldn’t help but play spot the stag.

Here are just a few: